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Suggested Reading for Ayurveda

Ayurveda is an immense topic and to truly grasp its content it would be best to go back to the root texts and expand upon them. Not everyone knows sanskrit though and it is easier to go with translations and interpretations. Please keep in mind that Sanskrit is a contextual language and the same word can actually have multiple meanings, due to to this the translations do have misinterpretations and are also misunderstood for the same reason. A person who for example is not involved in the ayurvedic or medicine in general is doing the translations and does not understand or know the various herbs or possible remedies available could easily misinterpret what is being said as he does not grasp the simile being provided in the text. So please use your discernment when referring to any of these books.

A point that has been reinforced to me multiple times by multiple people who understand Sanskrit and teach from the ancient texts is that the ancient texts are not rules set in stone and they only suggest what is considered best. Please keep that in mind when referring to any of the books suggested here. The books and what they offer are the authors opinions and are being suggested here to help you broaden your scope of information available.

  • Ashtaga Hridayam (3 Volumes), translated by Prof K.R. Srikantha Murthy
  • Caraka Samhita (7 Volumes), translated by R.K. Sharma and Bhagwan Dash
  • Ayurveda and the Mind, Dr.David Frawley

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