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Semi Whole Wheat Loaf

Semi Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread (Pan De Mie)

A Semi Whole Wheat Sandwich Loaf which is not too sweet but tasty all the same.

Chipotle Red Beans and Rice

Chipotle Red Beans and Rice is a favorite of mine and a very easy dish to throw together if you have canned or cooked kidney beans on hand. Chipotle Chili is a smoked dried jalapeno. I love the smokey taste of the pepper and am quite liberal while using it as we love spicy food.Read more

Greek Chicken and Veggies in a Sheet pan.

This¬†Greek chicken and veggies recipe is very easy to put together. Especially as it is a sheet pan recipe, where you need to just put everything on the pan and bake for an hour or so. This means I can finish cleaning up and spend time with the kids while dinner cooks.   While IRead more

Homemade Pita Chips

Homemade pita chips are an easy to make snack. While I prefer to use homemade pita bread to make my chips, this batch of chips were made with store bought pita bread. For me the biggest advantage of making my own chips is I can control the oil and salt added to the chips. IRead more